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Sauna Talk, or commonly known as S-Talk is a short audio documentary that includes a number of episodes that may continue to grow in the future. These episodes have and will continue to discuss different topics in the Sauna. The opinions of others are respected and pondered upon in this short audio documentary. No one has the same opinion and I am now convinced that my own opinion has been influenced and will continue to be influenced after I listen to the opinions of others. I have never been a very good listener and have always tended to talk about myself. This documentary has allowed me to remain quiet during conversation and see the beauty of listening to others. I could've used any art work to combine with this project, however I used Superheros because the people that allowed me to interview them are my own superheros that helped me form my own opinion. Many people did not want to be interviewed and be listened to. The ones that allowed me to interview them performed a heroic process sharing their opinions with others that I found due to serendipity.

Note: It is important to keep an open mind while listening to S-Talk.

Video courtesy of Youtube S-Talk Sample.